The R-Prime LLP specializes in completed solutions for blowing cables into pipes and micropipes, development and design of cable networks using microchannel technology. 

One of the most important tasks of the company is to promote the blowing technology in the Russian market, including training specialists in the principles of technology, assistance in design, as well as testing the operability of both the entire network and its individual components. 


Plumettaz S.A. is a Swiss manufacturer of machines to facilitate the manual work of laying fiber optic and power cables. The technology of pneumatic cable installation is developed by Plumettaz and it is actually the only one acceptable both in backbone and in urban and rural areas. All the advantages of this technology have been fully appreciated by all major European telecom operators, such as: Deutche Telekom, British Telecom, France Telekom and others. All the equipment is produced in accordance with the requirements of Swiss quality. Machines and spare parts even for the machines, which are produced for over 30 years, are available to order today.


Gabocom is a German manufacturer of pipes, micropipes and providing a complete solution for the construction, development and repair of cable ducts. The full list of fittings, connectors, bends, tools is what distinguishes Gabocom from any other supplier. Each element is produced in Germany with high meticulousness and made of high quality raw materials in accordance with high quality standards. This provides the best parameters for the subsequent blowing of cables and the service life of the cable duct is at least 50 years.


PRIME Group includes 9 companies, specializing in telecommunications, energy and railways fields and located in Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Georgia. PRIME has the ability to supply its solutions throughout the post-Soviet space.

Being a part of the group, R-Prime is able to transmit its own decisions through other members of the group.